VIANOX is a gold  sponsor for the 9th  online Logistics Conference “30+ logistics benchmarks for leading Supply Chain”.

The two-day online conference Solutions 9 was successfully completed on October 21 & 22 by the Supply Chain Institute with a gold sponsor VIANOX SVOLOS SA. The main goal of the conference was the sector of  Supply Chain & Logistics industry to measure costs and productivity both within the storage structures and during the journey of the product from its production to the final consumer.

More than 160 participants voted live throughout the web conference, determining the prevailing logistics situation in the midst of a pandemic.

The second day was dedicated to the product journey, for instance, transportation, distribution and the last mile. The participants voted with particular interest and defining in detail all the measurable parameters at 2 levels, the B2B transfer in the first part and the B2C transfer in the second, for the current market situation.

Specifically, the participants stated that the capacity of the national transport trucks is over 70% while according to EU data of 2018 in Greece the capacity for the national transport appeared at 40%. The same is true for trucks that distribute in Athens. Regarding the age of the trucks, we see that nothing has changed in the last 10 years. The distribution fleet in Attica is i20+ years old. Only 9% of participants said that they have a new fleet. In contrast, the national truck fleet is younger, from 10 to 15 years old. Comparing with the European Union data f Germany’s has transport vehicles are under 2 years old!

The Logistics Manager of VIANOX SVOLOS, Mr. Thanasis Kamenidis said  “Completeness is usually measured by the one-way route, while if we took into account the fact that trucks usually return empty, the numbers would change. The companies should invest in modern routing and telematics programs to reduce distribution costs and they certainly need incentives from the government.

At the B2B level, it is impressive that only 6% have continuous online access to track cargo, while 11% on the other hand have incomplete information. In terms of POD and tracking, nothing seemed to have changed since 2011. The participants voted that in Attica there are 20-30 points per route, while the average delivery time  is 1 to 2 days for the rest of the country. The discussion panel commenting on these results said that technologies are improving and customers request them in order to evaluate the quality of 3PL services.

The costs of transportation and distribution were also analyzed, comparing the type of business with the cost of iso box distribution in Attica, and it appeared that the 3PLs charge up to 2,75 per delivery point in Attica. Respectively, the distribution costs were identified in other parts of the country. The last section of the conference focused on B2C distribution and the last mile. The main conclusions of this section are that in 3 years from now we will see new crowd sourcing free distribution schemes in the last mile delivery. It was interesting that the customer picks up in our country is 3 to 5%. At the international level, France has the most pick-up points, said Mr. Panagiotis Andrianopoulos, presenting the situation internationally.

You can find more information about the conference here.