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We offer a wide range of transportation services to cover your supply chain whether it is by land, air, or sea in the most efficient, economical, and dependable way possible.

Land Transport

We carry out weekly departures and arrivals (from one parcel to a full truck) to and from the main key countries of Western and Central Europe, whether it is a single shipment or multiple shipments throughout the year.

Air Transport

Our cooperation with an international network of large and reliable partners – correspondents, ensures our presence in more than 100 countries.

Sea Transport

VIANOX with its worldwide trusted partners-agents offers sea freight (full or part loads) with speed and safety in cooperation with all reliable shipping companies.

Combined Transport

With the transport solutions we propose, our customers achieve efficiency, lower price and more options for moving shipments, mainly by combining all means (land, air, sea).


VIANOX has been active in the field of Third-Party Logistics since 1997. We have state-of-the-art and fully equipped Cross Docking, Storage & Distribution centers in Attica & Thessaloniki.

Value Added Services

Our value-added services support each link of the supply chain in order to maximize the efficiency of your business activity.

Digital Services

The use of our digital services through the web portal, aims at providing a fast service to our registered users/customers.


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